The Beauty of it…

One of the most beautiful things we get to witness is when we see inmates find themselves and practice their faith by worshipping God.

Sure, some Inmates either grew up practicing a religion or joined a religion later in life (or developed the interest during incarceration), but we’ve found that inmates that don’t know the Lord and find Him, gain direction and meaning for their life while in prison. We see that being able to communicate with the Lord helps with their mental and physical. inmates feel that practicing religion gives them a “peace of mind,” which means having some level of personal contentment. Having this peace of mind helps inmates improve their well-being especially those serving long sentences.

Improve their own self-concept. Lack of a positive self-concept is a common problem with correctional inmates who may suffer from guilt related to failures in life, remorse from criminal acts, or, from the pain of a dysfunctional family background. Because Saved by Grace Fellowship practices acceptance and love from a higher being, and from members of the faith group, inmates often feel better about themselves while incarcerated.

Psychological and emotional benefits: inmates also can use religion to help change their behavior. Following the principles can teach inmates self-control. Having self-control helps inmates avoid confrontations with other inmates and staff, and it helps them comply with prison rules and regulations

As the jail population grows, more inmates are sooner or later released back into society. for that reason, programs geared toward the successful reintegration of inmates back into the community will need the help of religious employees to find employment and promote positive family relationships.

This is why nonprofit organizations like us, Saved by Grace Fellowship and Saved by Grace newsletter are important. Turning to the Lord to help reduce conflict, create conversation and acceptance, and reconnect with family and children. We communicate with all people from all walks of life. Our goal is to help them to reform from a life of addiction, crime, and from a life of imprisonment.